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Girlings Retirement Rentals

Retirement properties to rent throughout the UK

Girlings is a private, family-owned business that manages a portfolio of retirement properties. These properties are available to rent on life-long tenancies and are situated in purpose-built retirement developments across the UK.

Fluid Ideas

Creative Marketing and
Design Agency

We are an award-winning marketing and
design agency that offers wealth of creative,
digital and strageic expertise that you'd expect
from one of the UK's finest.

Elderly Accommodation Counsel

A national charity that aims to help older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs.

Since our early days we have worked on two fronts. Firstly, to deliver a first-class information and advice service directly to older people and their relatives and carers. Secondly, to raise awareness among other advisory agencies, professionals and policy makers of the importance people attach to information and advice which helps them make their own decisions about how and where to live in older age.

LR Consulting

Using inside knowledge
to improve

Your work life could be easier if you tap into the solutions we have for improving Sales, Management and Leadership. We also believe in making your customer’s life easier and specialise in creating and developing customer service journeys that will impress, satisfy your customers and improve your business revenue.

Henry Stewart

Conferences and events

For over 30 years the Henry Stewart Group has been providing continuing professional development and graduate education across a wide range of fields. Subject areas extend from managing digital assets to advances in biomedical and life sciences, finance, real estate, pensions, marketing, not-for-profit, pharmaceutical statistics and a host of other disciplines.


FirstStop Advice is an independent, free service offering advice and information for older people, their families and carers about housing and care options in later life. It is led by the charity Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) working in partnership with other national and local organisations.

Counsel and Care

Counsel and Care began its life in 1954, when its founders, Bob Graham and Joceline Owen, were prompted to take action in response to the poor levels of care experienced by many frail older people. They set up the Elderly Invalids Fund, as it was then known, to help finance and support the move of older people out of hospital and into care homes.


The Association of Retirement Village Operators UK

ARVOUK is the Association of Retirement Village Operators UK and was established in September, 2008. The association was formed to increase the professionalism in the industry and promote understanding of the concept – one that is radically different from care homes.